Jennifer Lopez gives one kinky handjob

September 1st, 2016 by J

Jennifer Lopez isn’t always out in the open, baring skin, but she’s got some hot leaked sex tapes which exposes her “undercover” hobby that us giving some random dude a nice handjob. If love makes us do stupid things, so does some who just got their heart broken. J.Lo moves on quick!

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Jennifer Lopez gives head and gets jizzed

April 14th, 2016 by J

Naughty Jennifer titty-fucks lover’s boner until he cums

Jennifer Lopez was once hailed as the Most Beautiful Woman Alive and we can see why. That was a few years ago, but honestly, she didn’t seem to fade from that beauty title all these years. Anyone would agree that J. Lo is not just hot on the eyes because of her perfect body and face, but she’s been through a lot of hellholes in her career and came from a finally-struggling family, but she managed to reach the top and stay there for a while. Music-wise, this is her passion but we can all forget about her acting skills or lack thereof. We can’t have everything you know? She’s also been with men who had a chance to have a taste of her success and, well, her naked self I assume. But let’s not forget the times she gets her share of these pricks. This video is one of her pride and joy for taking on a huge cock inside her pretty lil mouth and playing with it using her massive breasts. She says she’s still the same Jenny from the block but got an upgrade with the dick sizes she prefer to play with. Bigger means a lot more spunk.

Jennifer Lopez’s Hardcore Fuck Pics

September 30th, 2010 by lola

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Remember this hot latina bombshell you’ve all come to love back in her old “slutty single gal” days? Her sexy, promiscuous party girl  personality captured your heart as much as it did your stiff dick. She seem more fun back then, when she didn’t have a huband and a bunch of kids. Well I’m sure you’ll be extremely pleased to know that she has recently flushed her domesticated wife persona down the toilet for good because she’s taken a more challenging role, if you consider bending over and getting double fucked in different positions challenging.
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This is what I’m talking about. Seen here is Jennifer Lopez’s pussy taking a cock in doggiestyle position. Just look at how this hot milf slides that dude’s thick cock in her creamy cunt with ease. Now I’m sure you still dream of a hot Jennifer Lopez threesome. Well, this is just a taste of it…there are more Jennifer Lopez raunchy sex pics are over in this site.
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Jennifer Lopez is a cock lover

March 12th, 2010 by lola

We’re blessed to know that Jennifer Lopez is one honest-to-goodness cock lover. That makes us blessed, because 1) we know chances of luring her with our cocks for a fuck session is high, and 2) we get to see her naked ass pounding on some dude’s cock to psych us up for said fuck session. And these pictures are indications of what JLo loves to do best when it’s showtime: she likes to reciprocate her feelings, so doing the 69 would do her a favor. It might just be me, but licking a chick’s clit while she’s slurping on your cock is one of the best things you can do while having sex; you keep going and going, and the tongue action keeps getting stronger, knowing you’re making each other hornier simultaneously. Anyway. One more thing we can conclude from these hot pictures is that Jennifer REALLY loves to take it from behind. And I wholeheartedly agree. The feeling of taking a chick from behind feels so manly and controlling, not to mention that it feels good to have your cock seeding a chick in the deepest, most satisfying way possible.

But enough of the analysis. Let me just lead you to pictures of cock loving Jennifer Lopez and get on with the action.

Jennifer plays with her pussy alone

March 12th, 2010 by lola

Here we’ve got Jennifer Lopez doing some alone time in the comforts of her own home. Although if you count that golden rolling pin jammed inside her tight pussy, then it’s not really solitary. But whatever. The way Jennifer seems to be enjoying herself fingering her ass or fucking herself silly with that makeshift dildo sure is making me horny, and I know it’s making your want more too. I mean, is there anything better than to see a famous celebrity fingering herself with her legs up in the air, made helpless and vulnerable by her own horny thoughts? Fuck, catching her in her home masturbating would be the perfect scenario for me: she’d be too horny and in the middle of climbing to orgasm to wonder what the fuck a guy is getting naked in front of her and trying to elbow her finger out of the way for his cock to move in and finish the job. And no, she doesn’t need to get up; manners are perfectly excusable when you’re this horny.  Now, if you’ve got your own little thing ready to do to this slutty celeb, why don’t you warm up and see pictures of Jennifer Lopez masturbating?

JLo’s hot ass pics

March 12th, 2010 by lola

You can’t think about Jennifer Lopez naked without thinking of her world-famous ass meat. True to her Latina roots, her ass is big enough to accommodate more than enough slap marks for your BDSM fantasies. But we don’t really get to see a nice enough view of JLo’s ass, do we? That’s why I gathered these hot ass pics of Jennifer Lopez which you can view front and center, right from where you’re sitting with the bottle of jergens and the balled bunch of toilet paper.

Now isn’t that ass something? Anybody who looks at that would be so horny and excited they’d have enough cum to cover that meaty behind of Jennifer Lopez’ and smear it, with still enough left to jam between her swollen pussy lips. If you ask me, that ass of hers probably ate up too much cum on a night of passionate anal fucking, which led to her booty getting blown up to such a gigantic and boner-inducing proportion. Which is a good thing, mind. I’d like to hear the sound of my hand slapping that gargantuan backside echoing and bouncing off the walls of our rented motel room, mingling with the moan she’d be making as I pound and thrust and fuck the bejeezus out her monster vagina. Aww, now I’m too horny to continue. Which is good for you, because that means I’ll just leave you with these naughty ass pics of Jennifer Lopez.